Lucy Leibowitz, PhD

I am a licensed psychologist with expertise in targeting anxiety, mood, and behavioral concerns across all ages. I work from a cognitive-behavioral background to help children, adolescents, and adults develop skills to manage anxiety and mood symptoms and I view therapy as a collaborative process. I also provide parent-training services to focus on general behavioral concerns (i.e., noncompliance, tantrums). Additionally, I specialize in addressing sleep concerns across all ages, including problems falling asleep, maintaining asleep, delayed sleep in adolescents, and nighttime behavioral concerns in younger children.

I also conduct psychological and educational evaluations to assist with academic interventions. These assessments often include cognitive, educational, socioemotional and diagnostic assessment and can help inform treatment and provide recommendations for children and adolescents. 

Additionally, I specialize in working with children with co-occurring chronic medical conditions, chronic pain, and mental health concerns.  These sessions focus on increasing adherence with medical regimens, coping with medical diagnoses, teaching relaxation and coping skills, and collaborating with families to develop effective and realistic plans to meet each patient’s needs. I also work with children and adults to prepare for medical procedures and appointments (i.e., anxiety with blood draws, dentist appointments, pill-swallowing). For these specific services, I see patients at Waypoint Behavioral Health.

Professional Experience

I have worked in a variety of medical and mental health settings including a university based community mental health center, children’s hospitals, outpatient clinics within the context of larger medical institutions, and pediatric medical subspecialty clinics. I earned my undergraduate degree in psychology from Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and my PhD in Clinical Psychology from George Mason University in northern Virginia. I completed an American Psychological Association accredited Internship and two years of Fellowship within the Pediatric Psychology Consultation Program at KKI and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. During my internship, I also completed a rotation within the Child and Family Therapy Clinic, as well as a minor rotation during fellowship in neuropsychology at KKI. I have also coauthored journal articles, a book chapter, and presented at professional conferences (including Applied Behavioral Analysis International and the Society for Pediatric Psychology). 

About the Doc outside the office

I live in Baltimore with my husband and two young sons. In addition to spending time with my family, my passions include running, traveling, and cooking and baking. Through years of graduate and post graduate training, I have learned first-hand the importance and challenges associated with balancing work and family commitments with self-care and relaxation. When working with parents, I am able to speak from first-hand experience regarding the importance of staying healthy and modeling appropriate use of coping skills for children. For me, those activities include running (both independently as well as with my family), Pilates classes, discovering new healthy recipes, attending theater performances, and rooting for my St. Louis Cardinals from afar on television. 

Dr. Leibowitz works only in the Linthicum location. She is not accepting new patients at this tie. 

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Dr. Leibowitz also sees patients at Waypoint Behavioral Health.

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