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Adoption Evaluations

We also offer psychological evaluations for couples and individuals in the process of adopting children. Requirements for these evaluations may vary depending on the agency and country of origin for foreign adoptions, but typically require around 4 hours of clinical interviewing and psychological testing across 1-2 appointments. Your psychologist will gather data regarding your psychological history, functioning, beliefs about parenting and adoptions, and relationship history if applicable. Typically psychological assessments will be administered to gather further data on these topics. We will work closely with your agency to be sure that the report meets the requirements for your specific application process.

Costs range from $1300 to $1800 and cover the appointments, test administration, report, notarization, and mailing costs. Any requested edits within 3 months of the report are included in the original cost (for example, if your domestic or foreign agency asks for clarification or additional information). Appointments can typically be scheduled within 2-4 weeks and a report will be provided within 2 weeks of your last appointment.

To schedule an evaluation, please fill out a New Patient Inquiry form and click Adoption Evaluation with Dr. Mays.