Thoughtful confused mature woman looking at laptop, suffering from memory loss

Memory Boosting Workshops

Learn science-based strategies to boost memory and promote healthy aging

A virtual workshop for adults over the age of 60

We are all familiar with the changes that accompany aging: slowing down physically, changes in health, forgetting the names of acquaintances, entering a room but forgetting why. These changes don’t necessarily predict a grim future! Each of us holds the key to shape the health of our brains and learn new strategies for successful brain aging. 

In this workshop, we will discuss science-based methods to improve memory and maximize cognitive efficiency. We will also cover important lifestyle changes that have been shown to optimize brain health. Come learn how each of us can maximize our cognitive, physical, and mental cognitive well-being as we age.  

This workshop will be led by Dr. Kamat, a board-certified neuropsychologist who has extensive experience researching, evaluating, and treating cognitive impairments in older adults with dementia, stroke, and other neurologic conditions. 

$75 per person

Held Virtually via Zoom

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