Health and Pediatric Psychology

Waypoint Behavioral Health is a specialty practice within WWC. It focuses on Health and Pediatric Psychology services, which target coping and adjustment to chronic medical conditions, managing anxiety with medical appointments, as well as improving healthy lifestyle behaviors including improving sleep, physical activity, and healthy eating behaviors. These services include:

  • Coping with chronic medical conditions

  • Coping with chronic pain

  • Improving sleep concerns (i.e., reducing problems with falling asleep independently and maintaining sleep)

  • Managing co-morbid symptoms (i.e., anxiety, depression, and behavioral concerns in addition to chronic medical conditions)

  • Decreasing anxiety and improving adherence with medical appointments and regimens

  • Preparing children and adults for medical procedures (i.e., blood draws, pill-swallowing, medical appointments)

  • Relaxation skills training and biofeedback.

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