What is a Coach?

A Coach will, in essence, hold up a mirror to attitudes and behaviors that are getting in the way of your success. A coach creates a supportive and non-judgmental space in which you can identify and work towards important goals in a number of different areas of your life. In coaching, you will get clear on what it is you want for your life and be held accountable to meeting goals you set for yourself weekly/biweekly. Ultimately, a good coach will not go along with “your story” of why you cannot move past that which holds you back, and will push to keep you in action until you achieve your goals.

What types of people have Life Coaches?

All types of people can hire a life coach, from those feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job to those who are going through a life transition. Coaches work with people from all walks of life and with all types of challenges. Most people can benefit from another human being who actively listens to them, acknowledges their progress, helps provide clarity to confusing areas in their lives, and moves them into action. That being said, people who initiate life coaching should be prepared to be honest with both themselves and their coach and be motivated to make changes, both big and small. Those who seek coaching are committed to having a more fulfilled life and are willing to doing hard work to achieve this end.

How is coaching different than counseling or therapy?

Coaching is different than therapy in that the coach is viewed as an ‘equal’ to the client. In a therapy situation, the therapist is viewed as the expert and is often referred to for advice. In a coaching relationship, the client is viewed as the ‘expert’ of his or her own life. Coaching does not focus on events of the past, as it fosters an understanding of what you want for your life now and in the future. Coaching is also not concerned with psychological issues or diagnoses.  Coaching is about creating an awareness within the client about their choices and pragmatically how to work towards their dreams and goals.

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