A group of teens on their phones

Social Media Consultation

Social Media Primer for Parents

The pervasive presence of social media in the lives of today’s youth can be a cause of concern for parents who often have questions about appropriately regulating their child’s use and keeping their children safe online. Waypoint is pleased to offer a personalized 1-hour social media primer for parents. Your session will address the mental health implications of social media use, personal safety and privacy, as well as tips for healthy use that will help your child establish a positive digital footprint. This research-based psychoeducational session can be tailored to meet the needs of parents who want to prepare younger kids for a healthy and productive life on social media before they ever begin using it and also the needs of parents whose older children are experiencing problems with social media and need to learn how to manage these issues. This program is run by Erin Castleberry, a clinician at our office and adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University. She teaches a graduate-level course on the effects of social media on mental health and has presented on this topic internationally.

Sessions are one time and are held in our Severna Park office.

60-minutes for $200.