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IEP Consulting
& Coaching

It is challenging navigating the world of special education as a parent, especially now during virtual and hybrid learning. The process can seem overwhelming, especially with all the acronyms, meetings, paperwork, testing, etc. Waypoint Wellness Center is excited to now offer IEP consultation and coaching services!

You will start with an initial consultation session with one of our Nationally Certified School Psychologists with over 15 years experience working for public schools in Maryland. Their experience working as a School Psychologist as well as private practice gives them the unique ability to help families understand the special education process, so you can advocate for your child with confidence. They use a collaborative approach, and strives to help families work together with schools. During the initial session, you will discuss your concerns, share your experiences, ask questions, and establish your future goals. 

After the initial session, you can choose to schedule ongoing consultation sessions or schedule follow up coaching sessions as needed. Ongoing support and coaching is available to help empower you through preparation and education, every step of the way. 

If you are concerned about your child’s learning, have questions about public/special education, would like to discuss your child’s IEP or Section 504 Plan, or would like to discuss your child’s unique circumstances, virtual and in person IEP coaching appointments are now available!

Common Topics/Questions Discussed During IEP Coaching/Consultation Sessions

  • IEP process and what to expect before IEP team meetings
  • Understanding your child’s IEP
  • Will my child qualify for an IEP?
  • Section 504 plans
  • Concerns about your child’s academic performance
  • Questions regarding school communication
  • Special education in general
  • School based testing/ assessment
  • School based Interventions
  • Educational disabilities
  • Parental rights (Maryland procedural safeguards)
  • Educational Impact

These sessions are designed to help educate and empower families to understand the special education process ‘behind the scenes’ outside of IEP meetings. They do not involve advocacy services during IEP meetings, nor provide legal advice.