Classroom Observations

Have you ever wondered how your child performs, interacts with others, and behaves in the classroom? Are you concerned about how your child performs at school compared to other children? Waypoint Wellness Center is now conducting Classroom Observations! These observations are open to all ages Pre-K – 12th grade. A qualified psychologist will make arrangements with your child’s school, and observe your child for approximately 30-45 minutes. The observation will include a time interval recording of your child. It will result in a detailed 1-2 page report of on task vs. off task behavior. We charge by the half hour ($150 per half hour) for this service. The total is based on the time spent contacting the school, conducting the observation, scoring and analyzing the observation results, and traveling to and from the school. 

You or your child may request the visits be during high stress times during the school days. They can be academically, behaviorally, or socially stressful.

To schedule a classroom observation, please fill out a New Patient Inquiry form.