A group of teens sitting together

Skills Groups

Here at Waypoint we offer skills-based group therapy in person! Groups at Waypoint are run by doctoral level psychologists, and are focused on teaching skills to help empower participants to function better in their lives.

These groups are not billed to insurance and are billed as a package of 6 groups for a total of $450, unless otherwise listed below. The initial deposit is $100 and will reserve your spot in the group. The full fee is due at start of group ($350). For more information, complete the group inquiry form below!

Executive Functioning Skills Group for Middle Schoolers

  • For middle school students who are unprepared, scattered, or disorganized
  • In person and outside-of-school meeting times at our Annapolis office location
  • Groups facilitated by Kelsey Woods, PhD
  • Supportive environment designed to provide middle schoolers (and their caregivers) with tools to help them finish tasks and meet goals efficiently and effectively
  • This 6-week skills group begins with a caregiver-only session followed by 5 sessions for middle schoolers
  • Topics include: psychoeducation about executive functioning (EF) and supporting EF development, organization, time management, task initiation and persistence, and self-monitoring/regulation

– The Fall 2023 group will start in early October and will be on Mondays at 5:30 pm in the Annapolis office.

If interested, complete the registration form. You will be contacted via email to discuss next steps.

Social Empowerment Groups for Neurodivergent Teens

  • Serving middle schoolers, high schoolers, and young adults
  • In person and outside-of-school meeting times
  • Groups facilitated by Tana Clarke, PhD and other Waypoint clinicians
  • Supportive and enriching social environments based in a neurodiversity affirming foundations
  • To be neurodiversity affirming is to embrace natural neurological differences, and we believe that diversity and differences in how we think, feel, and relate to others are what make each person unique. And each person is equally worthy and valuable.
  • Youth will develop individual and group goals that will be guided by group facilitators

Groups will start in Fall of 2023 and will be during after school hours likely on Thursdays.

If interested, complete the registration form. You will be contacted via email to discuss next steps.

Social Anxiety Group

  • For adults 21+ who struggle with social anxiety. These are interpersonal process interaction groups. We paint, share hobbies, and play games, all while making connections and lasting friendships.
  • Practice skills to help improve: finding your voice, developing trust, self-care, coping skills, finding direction, and identifying your needs and wants
  • Group will be customized based on the goals and personality of the participants.  
  • Group runs for 5 weeks at our Annapolis office location. Dates/times TBD.
  • Groups facilitated by Molly Stackhouse, LGPC and Dr. Leslie Eget
  • Monthly social outings may be available once the group structure is established. Participants will be responsible for their expenses during outings. 
  • Total for all five weeks is $250 ($50/per group per participant). $100 deposit is required, with remaining balance due by the first group

If interested, complete the registration form. You will be contacted via email to discuss next steps.