Medication Management

Psychiatric medications are used to help treat the symptoms of mental health disorders. They are most commonly used in conjunction with psychotherapy. Medications can often make it easier for individuals to focus on the therapeutic aspects of treatment. Medications are not a cure for a mental health disorder but when combined with psychotherapy, they can help individuals get back to their highest level of functioning.

We Prescribe Medication to Help With Your Specific Needs

Psychiatric medications work differently for each individual and some make work better for a certain person than others. This is why, prior to starting a medication, you will have completed a diagnostic evaluation with the psychiatrist which takes into account a patient’s individual factors such as prior medication trials, family history, medical history, etc. Medications are then chosen based on current, evidenced based practices. Following the prescription of a medication, the psychiatrist will monitor your progress on a specific medication which would include monitoring for any potential side effects and necessary dosage adjustments. By doing so, this promotes the safe use of medications and helps patients achieve the best results from their medication.