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ADHD Screenings


If you have ever wondered if you or your child’s attention problems, impulsivity, or disorganization could actually be an ADHD diagnosis, Waypoint Wellness Center is now offering ADHD screenings! ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that occurs in children, teenagers, and adults. Its core symptoms are inattention and/or impulsivity/hyperactivity.

Our screenings are open to ages 6 through Adult. The screening appointment will be one hour long, and includes a battery of standardized tests, consultation, and recommendations from a qualified psychologist. You will receive an evaluation performance sheet that illustrates your standardized assessment results. Your results may result in an ADHD diagnosis.

Common markers for ADHD

  • Forgetful
  • Losing things
  • Difficulty doing activities quietly
  • Not listening when spoken to directly
  • Easily distracted
  • Trouble with organization
  • Hard to sit still
  • Inability to pay close attention to details 
  • Making careless mistakes
  • Difficulty waiting your turn
  • Frequently interrupting
  • Running/climbing where inappropriate
  • Feeling restless

Due to the limited nature of the screening evaluation, there could be potential alternative diagnostic explanations for ADHD symptoms. Therefore, it may be clinically necessary to gather additional information with a comprehensive psychological evaluation. Importantly, due to the screening nature of this evaluation, the information gathered is limited, and thus additional potential psychiatric diagnoses are deferred. Together, you and your evaluator will discuss the next steps and if you choose to move forward with a full psychological evaluation within 6 months of the screening evaluation, we will subtract the screening cost. For example, $3,000 (full evaluation) – $750 (screening evaluation) = $2,250. 

To schedule a screening, please fill out a New Patient Inquiry form.