A young boy concentrating on reading a book



If you are concerned about you or your child’s reading skills, WWC is now offering Dyslexia Screenings! This is open to all ages (Kindergarten through Adult). Molly Stackhouse, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist/Maryland Psychology Associate, will meet with you to discuss your concerns and obtain a brief family history. Immediately following, you will complete a battery of standardized tests. This appointment will be an hour in duration and will obtain information regarding phonological processing, orthographic processing and rapid automatic naming skills.

Within a week, you will be sent your standardized scores. The screening includes a consultation session with Molly to review the screening results, and discuss recommendations based on your testing performance. Your results may signal potential markers for Dyslexia, which may warrant additional assessment. Conversely, your results may indicate adequate reading skills for your age/grade, and not signal markers for Dyslexia. You will be provided with an evaluation performance sheet that illustrates your standardized assessment results in relation to other people your age/grade.

This is a screening and will not derive an official Dyslexia diagnosis. You can use the information to determine if a full psychoeducational evaluation is warranted.

If additional assessment is recommended and you would like to move forward with testing, the $260 intake fee will be waived if you schedule within one month of the date of the screening. 

Common Markers for Dyslexia

  • A history of reading problems in parents, siblings or extended family members
  • Lack of understanding that words come apart
  • Guessing at words based on first letter of the word or context clues
  • Difficulty sounding out words
  • Slow laborious reading
  • Confused with words that look alike
  • Reading avoidance
  • Poor spelling
  • Reading comprehension difficulties