Driving the Bus of Your Life

I often tell people that Life Coaching has to do with coming off of “Auto-Pilot” in your life. This means, you wake up and realize that you are actually in control of most things in your life and that if you don’t like how things are going, you can do something about it!

This concept can be eye-opening for people!! You see, many people like to blame others for their suffering. “I hate my job;” “My boss is such a jerk!” “I wish I was happier in my marriage;”… the list goes on and on.

What if you started to view your life as one big experiment?

What if you said, “What would it be like if I loved my job?”

What would need to change for you to feel like that? Would you need to change your attitude or get a whole different job? What if you brought Curiosity to the plate. Once there, what if you said:

“I’m wondering why my spouse and I talk down to each other?”

“Why is that happening?”

“Can I make a change in how I communicate?”

“Could he?”

Instead of blaming each other for this dynamic, you could try and understand what is happening… and why and HOW to change it.

When you begin to think in these kinds of ways about things in your life that are challenging or upsetting, then you begin to “Drive the Bus of Your Life.” You are not a passenger. You are an adult who makes choices every day about how you want to live. When you can really embody this way of thinking and living, you will feel more empowered. No one will have the grip of control over you… and that is the best feeling.

You will be free.

About the Author

An affiliate of Waypoint Wellness Center, Karin Mitchell, MA, ACC, NBC-HWC is a Certified Life Coach, Counselor, Meditation Teacher, and Speaker. As a coach, she helps people get clear on what they want for their life and how to get it. She is passionate about teaching both children and adults’ mindfulness techniques, including meditation to help support their overall well-being. She believes strongly that all people want to live a fulfilling and meaningful life and is honored to be able to help in this journey with her clients. For more information on her services, check out her website: kmitchellcoaching.com

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