Online Scheduling

Please click on the name of your provider. This will link you to your Client Portal for Online Scheduling. This service is only availabe for current patients. If you are a new patient, please contact our patient coordinator to schedule.

Allyson Kett, PsyD

Tana Clarke, PhD 

Melissa Wellner, MD

Donna Ticknor, MD

Carly Gasior, PhD

Melissa Hendricks, PhD

Kimberly English, PhD

Riley Benko, PsyD

Erin Castleberry, MS

Dr. Lewin does not participate in online scheduling. Current patients please contact him directly at to schedule appointments.

How to Pay Invoices through the Client Portal

If you have received an invoice from your clinician you can pay online through the portal:

  • Access you client portal by clicking on your clinician above and logging in.

  • Go to the Billing & Payments section of the Client Portal.

  • You will see the status of all of your invoices and have access to all of the financial history.

  • Choose to pay the balance and you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. If you plan on using that same credit card from then on, you can choose to Remember Card and to save it on your profile.

  • Once your payment has been processed, the status of your Invoice will change to Paid.