Nadia Maghsadi


I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland. I received my Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, and am currently pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an additional Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education. I am caring and compassionate and love collaborating with my clients to help them reach their goals. While I am a Humanistic therapist, I often apply therapeutic techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Narrative Therapy.

Professional Experience

My mental health experience ranges from general outpatient teletherapy, inpatient hospital care for girls, detention centers for juvenile boys, outpatient substance abuse treatment for adults, domestic violence intervention programs for couples, and the National Suicide Lifeline. I have crisis intervention and group therapy experience, as well as experience providing family therapy to navigate complicated family dynamics. I am a nationally certified counselor and hold additional certifications in treating trauma and problematic sexual behaviors. 

I am a person-centered, humanistic therapist meaning that I am warm, genuine, empathetic, patient and do not judge. I am skilled at highlighting dysfunctional thoughts that might be causing painful emotions or behaviors that don’t support your goals. You can count on me to be honest while kind and unconditionally supportive throughout your journey in therapy. I am the child of Middle Eastern immigrants- whether my clients come from BIPOC backgrounds or not, I believe it’s important to examine where we come from in order to better understand where we’re going. I am proud to be LGBTQ+ allied, and am also a yoga teacher happy to offer my individual clients breathing and mindfulness techniques if they are interested.

Life Outside the Office

I live in Baltimore with my partner and our two cats. I love yoga, hiking and beach time!

Nadia will be starting with Waypoint in September of 2023.